Living Fully

Since starting my own business and taking the long, bumpy, sometimes tumultuous roads toward my dreams, I made a commitment to myself. I will live this life will FULL engagement. There are times, like today, that this is really hard. However, my true hope is that the words below will offer some guidance and support for you, when you’re having a day where it’s next to impossible to see the forest through the trees.

When saying living a life with FULL engagement, well what the heck does that really mean?

It means making decisions you know in your soul to be right, although what we know is right is seldom easy.

It means not ignoring subtle signs and clues and that powerful intuition of ours, and having the courage to listen.

It means needing to believe in something far greater than ourselves, and trusting the process… as hard, hurtful and fuzzy it may be.

It means that we would rather be alone than to settle—ever.

It means not shielding ourselves from the pain of loss. Just because we know something in our soul isn’t right, doesn’t mean that it’s not going to hurt… badly. But we know shielding ourselves and building walls around our hearts only prolongs the grieving process.

It means giving ourselves time to grieve, breath and witness the emotions that are coming from within us. To feel is to be human.

It also means that we don’t hook into these emotions are accept them as a drama in our life. It’s about feeling the emotions fully so they can pass, not so they can take over our life.

It means to take pleasure in the fact that a full range of emotions and to be with each is to be fully alive.

It means that we know we need to be vulnerable to achieve all our heart’s desire. To love fully and openly is vulnerable. We know we must allow ourselves to surrender to the highs and the lows, to just be in the moment.


On Listening to the Universe

universe quote

There are times in my life when the universe speaks to me and I do not listen. Maybe I second guess myself, maybe I’m not ready to hear what she has to say, and maybe (likely) I’m not even aware she is saying something at all.

Then, there are times where I get overwhelmed by a feeling and she seams to be shouting so loud I have no choice but to sit and listen. This was how it went down these last couple of weeks.

A certain leadership program has been on my radar for the last four years; but at several thousand dollars it just wasn’t in the cards. A few of my colleagues have attended the program and I’ve been so inspired by how they have not really changed, but have become even more amazing versions of themselves. Owning their impact in the world and taking on some unbelievable projects in a way that would not have been possible a year previous.

As my inspiration from these people increased as I saw this new way they were participating in the world, my yearning to take the program grew exponentially (and yes, maybe a touch of jealousy). Then I asked the one question out loud I had been afraid of asking, “how the heck am I going to pay for it?”. Which I now am learning is much different than my usual answer of “I can’t afford it”. One is a question (open energy), the other is a statement with no wiggle room (closed energy).

A funny thing happens when I open finally open up and show the hand I had been holding so tightly (I can think of a million excuses as to why and they all boil down to one thing… fear), a possibility presented itself… they offer scholarship opportunities!

So excited about the potential opportunity I sat down to do my research. So many questions were running through my head. Would I be qualified? What were the requirements? How would I communicate my vision? Who else was applying? How many scholarships were being awarded? Was I good enough?

As I landed on the web page, one BIG thing jumped out at me right away. The deadline. It was 3 days away. And they only open up applications once per year. More questions flooded my brain. OMG should I apply? Could I really get my shit together in 3 days? Could I wait until next year? And if I did.. would it be any good?

If there is one lesson I’ve learned I’ve learned in the last 2 years on the journey toward my dream, is that when the universe speaks, listen. And this seemed pretty loud to me. I concluded that I would apply and give it my best shot. No, it would not be perfect. Would it be any good? Maybe. Maybe not. But there is no learning if I do not take a step. So I did.

You can view my YouTube video application here:

And if you feel inspired to cast your vote, (I am so grateful!) you can do that here:
Voting is open from July 8th-July 23rd 2014

It’s definitely far from perfect. However, what I did learn in the process is that I can accomplish way more than I think I can. While it may be easier just to say no and “there’s always next year” saying yes and committing is so much more fun and I learn so much more. And as cheesy as it sounds, regardless of the outcome, I’m proud of myself for listening and taking a chance. Now not to let my competitive side take over and check on the vote count every 15 minutes 🙂

In light and love,


#abfloods: The Humanity that comes with Disaster


I posted that quote just over 2 days ago on a personal page. Since then, Calgary (my home), along with many other parts of Southern Alberta have been flooded. As many as 75,000 people in Calgary alone have been forced to leave their homes. In High River, only an hour South and the hardest hit, the entire community was evacuated and a few people lost their lives. While it’s affected me personally, this blog is not about what’s happened, who’s been evacuated, and the damage that has been caused. It’s about what happens to people when these things happen to us.

Where 100,000 people are expected to arrive in 2 weeks..

Where 100,000 people are expected to arrive in 2 weeks..

I attend a boot camp most mornings. Every morning the same rotation of women fill the gym and we spend the next 40 minutes sweating. This has been my routine for 6 months and how many of them do I know? Probably two; and they teach the class.

Last week one of the girls introduced herself. She said, you know, I work out beside you most mornings and I don’t even know your name. That struck me. I pride myself in getting to know people, letting them into my world, but here’s a girl I share a (very small and sometimes intimate) space with most days of the week, and I know nothing about her.

The morning of the flood things were different. There was a completely different energy to the room. People were sharing stories and how they were impacted personally. There was so much raw emotion. All of a sudden I felt like I could see these people for who they were, feel their pain and identify with their struggles. I got past all of my own stuff, my own to do list, insecurities and judgments and truly saw them, maybe for the first time.

What happens to us when these emergencies happen? We let strangers into our homes. If they had knocked on our door last week, we would have peered out our window wondering if we should even answer the door for the ‘weirdo’ that stands on the other side of it. We’re reminded of the real, caring and compassionate human beings we not just want to be, but are.

Anyone who has been through a major emergency or natural disaster will (almost always) say how everyone came together. They helped and supported each other. They let their emotions show. They put aside their differences because something more important was happening. They started to build bridges.

So what’s available to us when we practice being more open in our lives?

I call this ‘life in full colour’. Not knowing what situation, opportunity or person we will meet. People, situations and challenges come into our life for a reason, what if we gave up control and danced (sometimes literally) in the moment?

When I was in Costa Rica last year, one morning a girlfriend and I took an early morning trip to the grocery store. Something we did often, and completely normal, until a handsome Costa Rican approached me and asked me if I knew how to Merengue. Before I could say Merng-what?, he grabbed my hands and took me for a spin, dip and all. As he explained the steps (in broken English) I couldn’t help but think, is this really happening right now?! But I went with it, and it’s one of my favorite stories from the trip.

If that same story had happened in the Safeway by my house, there’s a good chance I would have ran the other way, down the street, and into the police station. But I was travelling. My guard was down and I was open to all the amazing people and opportunities that presented themselves.

So how? Is there a way we can keep this feeling of community, support and openness long after the flood waters subside? There is. And it starts with you, and me.

Awareness is always the first step.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Then a shift happens. I wasn’t aware of my behavior during boot camp until the amazing woman next to me introduced herself. When was the last time you noticed how you were feeling/acting in a certain situation? It’s witnessing our actions/behavior/feelings and deciding if they are getting us closer or further away from who we want to be.

Being Open.

Being open takes courage. No one likes to be first. Sharing a hard story first is like being the first one on a frozen pond. There’s a good chance you’ll fall right through and freeze to death; but there’s also a good chance the water will be strong enough to hold you. And once everyone sees how much fun your having, they want to join in.

Being Authentic.

I describe being authentic as knowing who you are and what you stand for, having your actions match these beliefs, and being able to share the gray and rough pieces of yourself along with the bright and shiny.

I find we’re so afraid of telling stories of times we’ve failed because we’re worried that others will think less of us, but often the opposite is true! We’re human. We all make mistakes. The power comes when we can be open and share our experiences, especially the ones we’re afraid/embarrassed of.

Being Caring and Compassionate.

Seek first to understand and then be understood. That line is borrowed from one of my favorite books, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I think that’s what comes naturally during an emergency. They put aside themselves and focus on you. I want to help you. I care about you. I want to make things better for you. How would the world be different if we came from this place first not just during an emergency,but in our everyday lives?

The last point I want to offer is that these disasters are not going to stop. And it’s not just global warming that’s to blame. There are wars over just about everything; religion, politics, resources, money, power, terrorism. Mother Nature just offers a different angle. And we may feel like we can’t control these things, but I assure you we can. We can control who we are as human beings and how we treat our neighbors. What we let the world see of us and how we choose to participate in it makes all the difference.

If you or someone you know has been affected (in any way) by the #yycfloods #abfloods I would love to hear your story. There’s also free coaching sessions being offered by Certified Co-Active Coaches (myself included!). More information and how to sign up can be found at

Also, if you’d like to donate to help those hardest hit a link to the Red Cross fund can be found here.

And lastly, if you’d like to donate something even more precious, your time, a list of forming volunteer organizations and a ton of other information can be found here. #yyccares

Thank you Calgary. For not only being my home, but for the amazing people who live here that inspire me to be better.

30 Day Trust Challenge

TrustWhat would be available to me if I trusted myself 10% more?

This is the question that came to me this morning. So many times in my life I’ve held myself back for fear of failure or fear of well, looking like an idiot. And quite frankly, I’m over it.

Then I had an idea. Why don’t I try living this way? And if this resonates with you, I urge you to try it too.

I did a little digging online and came across this amazing journaling challenge dubbed the #trust30. Originally taking place 2 years ago, 30 inspiring thought leaders and artists got together and came up with one journal question per day to send to your email box. These questions are designed to make you think, get you out of your comfort zone, and increase the self-trust.

And because I tried it and was amazing what came up, I want to share the prompts with you. So, in no particular order, here they are 🙂

Your genuine action will explain itself, and will explain your other genuine actions. Your conformity explains nothing. The force of character is cumulative. – Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance

If ‘the voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line of a hundred tracks,’ then it is more genuine to be present today than to recount yesterdays. How would you describe today using only one sentence? Tell today’s sentence to one other person.(Author: Liz Danzico)

It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion; it is easy in solitude to live after our own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude. – Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance

The world is powered by passionate people, powerful ideas, and fearless action. What’s one strong belief you possess that isn’t shared by your closest friends or family? What inspires this belief, and what have you done to actively live it?

Trusting in you, your strength, and your abilities.

xo Kim

Embracing Commitment

I want to share with you why I blog.

It’s a way to express my struggles and try to make sense of it all. I believe that as spiritual beings having a human experience, we’re all in the same boat to some extent. We all dream. We all have an imagination (whether we use it or not is a different story). We all struggle to learn the lessons and make sense of it all, forever in the onward and upward expansion of our lives. And hopefully, by sharing my journey, you understand that you are not alone in yours.

I also want to acknowledge it’s been some time since I’ve blogged. And to be honest, this post, I originally wrote almost a month ago. I’ve kept visiting, updating and editing. So much has happened in the past month and for some reason this post didn’t seem quite ready. Now, I understand it was me that wasn’t quite ready.

Up until last weekend this post was all about trust. Trust in myself and in the universe. It was going to be about my struggles to fund my dream (education in particular, and the huge expenses that seemingly come out of nowhere just to “test”). I was going to share some practices that helped increase the trust and tune into the right success frequency. Don’t get me wrong, this is still very important and I will still share in another post, but it I’ve come to realize it actually wasn’t what I was struggling with. The trust was part of a much, much bigger thing.

It was commitment.

I took a course last weekend that was all about exploring the different perspectives we hold and what can come available to us if we consciously choose a different perspective than the one that’s limiting us.

There were pieces of tape on the floor dividing the room into small segments and there was a sentence (perspective) in each of these segments. They said things like “limiting like a straightjacket”, “creates powerful intention” “a way to live my purpose” and “overwhelming”. The word commitment was put in the centre and we were asked to stand in the perspective that felt the truest to us.

Prior to this, I hadn’t consciously thought about my feelings around commitment and how they could be limiting me. I chose to stand in “other”. Commitment to me was elusive.

Elusive: (thank you

  1. Difficult to catch
  2. Preferring or living in solitude or anonymity
  3. Difficult to remember

I offer the definition because the word actually came to me before I had a good handle on what it meant. To me elusive was something you intend to incorporate into your life but it’s sneaky and always finds a way to evade capture. I liked the idea of commitment, but was it really for me? Because if it was, why did I have such a hard time following through?

By holding the perspective that commitment was elusive it made it someone/something else’s fault when I couldn’t follow through. By choosing to live this way I didn’t have to let anyone down (in theory), especially myself. What if I try to go for my dream and fail? What if I fall flat on my face? Well, what would happen if I didn’t go for it at all?

We were then asked to stand in the perspective that’s the least true for us. I chose “exciting and juicy”. Commitment to me was anything but exciting and juicy. It was filled with have tos and obligations. Missing out on y because I already committed to x. There was no spontaneity, no aliveness. I was then asked “what would be available to you if you took on this perspective?” For lack of a better word, I had an “awakening” (aka breakdown).

All I could feel was a tightness in my chest, in fact, I continue to feel it as I write this post. Over the past week that feeling and I are starting to come to terms with each other, it’s vulnerability.

All I could think of when they asked what’s available in the exciting and juicy perspective was intimacy (Dad if you’re reading this you may want to skip to the next paragraph FYI). Laying in bed with a partner, nothing to protect you, nothing to hide behind; only your soul and theirs. I get a knot in my stomach just thinking about it! That to me, is vulnerability.

Then I thought, what’s available to me when I’m vulnerable? What kind of relationship is available when I’m willing to be this way? What kind of life is available when I’m willing to be this way?

It’s scary shit. But it’s also beautiful. And powerful.

As you can sense, commitment now to me means something very different. Commitment to me is vulnerability. Its saying “I commit wholeheartedly to living the life I want to live, my dream”, which makes me intensely vulnerable. And finally, I’m okay with it.

Vulnerability to me means letting someone/something see all of the parts of you, not just the ones you allow them to see. It’s giving up control. It’s an exposure of the heart. It opens you up for hurt, pain, betrayal, and the sting of not getting what you want. But it also opens you up to a deeper love, joy, and sense of gratitude; and I choose the ladder. 2013-03-22-vulnerability